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Who we are


     Chhatrapati Shivaji Udyamnagar has been major prolatery developed industrial region in Kolhapur, The city that brought forth values of Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. Pioneering the trends and innovatively leading the manufacturing to new horizon has been the objective of More Industries.

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Our Services



Starting from the casting, We are able to transform graded iron into a finished machine component. All processes which come under precision engineering are associates to us.

Customized Dies

To meet desirable output of end user, numbers of shapes are in demand. Modified suits available to fulfill requirements of particular individuals.

Design and Development

A design made from desecrate study converts a product into impeccable creation, Line on which we work. Initiated from drawing overall development under single roof.

Raw material

Providing all inputs including raw material to give ease to do business and make your way forward. Premium raw material adds value to produced goods of customers which leads to overcome market demand.

Transact Assistance

To efface some sort fear while doing business for newcomer, company provides general assistance for startup. Veteran proprietor and predefined clientele is the guidance system.

Induction Motors

Motors are also made by us, Caters integrant for floating utility ranges 1HP, 1.5HP and 2HP.(Horse power)(varies from 960 rpm to 1440 rpm).These motors ensures adequate performance on each machine.

Components Logistics

Sufficient supply cancels the stoppage occurred from breakdown. From extra accessories to machine spares are available at showroom.

After sale support

With demonstration and installment guides we give assurance to handle appliance. Every query could turn into satisfaction, through overall backing.